COBOL Data Modernization webinar
COBOL underpins the vast majority of transaction processing systems, but accessing underlying business data is often challenging and complex.

Working with COBOL data files, including the creation of reports, requires specialty tools and developer skills. While some organizations are planning for integration with popular relational database platforms, some COBOL applications continue to experience unwanted downtime and recovery issues. It’s time to improve business continuity, application availability and work with COBOL data files using familiar tools.

Watch this COBOL webinar and:
  •  Discover the real challenges many teams face in working with COBOL data files
  •  Understand how to work with COBOL data files using familiar tools such as Excel and Crystal Reports
  •  Learn how to improve application up-time and recoverability
  •  See how to easily integrate existing COBOL applications with RDBMS technology with minimal code change
  •  Learn how to manage application infrastructure costs and leverage open source database platforms

Unlock the value of COBOL data files using new data modernization tools from Micro Focus.

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COBOL Data Modernization


COBOL Data Modernization

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