Step-by-Step: The Path From COBOL to Mobile

Now is the time—deliver fast and easy mobile access to your existing business applications and take your COBOL apps into the new digital economy. With Visual COBOL it's simple—use the flexibility within the latest modern IDEs (Visual Studio or Eclipse) to deliver new, engaging mobile apps faster, all by leveraging your existing application logic.


Download this free step-by-step guide and discover how to:

  • Use existing COBOL application functionality to deliver a new, mobile service
  • Use modern development tools to build services targeting multiple mobile device platforms
  • Quickly create a server-side COBOL web service
  • Work with HTML-5 design tools to build your new application UI

Find out how you can quickly deliver a new mobile application using your current COBOL code by downloading the Step-by-Step COBOL to Mobile Guide and demo code.

Download the guide

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