8 Improvements to Solutions Business Manager That Lead to a Modern Infrastructure

SBM 11.1 release yields tighter security, improved navigation, and more.


SBM 11.1: Live Discussion and Demonstration

1 hour | David J. Easter, Director of Product Management

Join the SBM team to learn about innovations in Solutions Business Manager 11.1. This major release is focused on enhancements intended to modernize SBM's infrastructure, increase security, improve integration, and expand reporting capabilities.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • How new enhancements create a device-responsive, modern form infrastructure
  • How the flexible kanban board can be used to visualize workflow
  • How you can take control of your backlog
  • How SBM eliminates poor application response on mobile

Join David J. Easter as he discusses the latest and greatest features of Solutions Business Manager

This webinar is from the summer 2016 meeting of the SBM Virtual User Group.