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Identity Governance is a comprehensive identity governance solution that provides a business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access and certification.
Delivers an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise—inside the firewall and into the cloud.
Monitors user activity in key systems and takes corrective actions in case of non-compliant or suspicious behaviors.
Advanced enterprise search and data analytics for unstructured data with machine learning enable you to search and analyze text, image, audio, and video from virtually any source.
Stores files for secure accessibility online and offline across systems and on the web.
A comprehensive package of airlines-specific, Windows-based terminal emulation, print delivery, and software development tools that connects users to computer reservation systems as well as to TPF, Unisys, UNIX/VMS, and IBM hosts.
A Windows-based terminal emulator that connects users to Unisys, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and IBM hosts.
Lets you use popular relational databases directly within any RM/COBOL® application.
Enable organizations to detect patterns, surface anomalies, and highlight trends to proactively identify and investigate risk events and related non-compliant, fraudulent actions and behavior.
Now available as a standalone product, Micro Focus iPrint delivers mobile printing in addition to the same scalable, self-service enterprise print management features it has always offered.
Make better-informed asset decisions, right-size licenses, enrich your data, and control costs with our ITAM software.
Containerized microservices platform built into ITOM products
File filtering and transformation software extracts text, metadata, and other relevant properties from over 1,000 file formats on numerous platforms.
A lightweight proxy server that acts as a middleware layer between LDAP clients and LDAP directory servers for load balancing, fail-over, centralized auditing, and more.
Intelligently apply and manage legal holds throughout the litigation lifecycle of a matter.