If applications and data are the lifeblood of your enterprise, then its supporting systems are the arteries. This infrastructure needs to function flawlessly and without barriers across existing and emerging technologies, operating environments, hardware platforms, and programming languages.

Micro Focus is the #1 provider of CORBA solutions. Our heritage of innovation within the CORBA industry includes two of the most widely deployed Premier CORBA suites—Visibroker® and Orbix®. Additional offerings include Source available CORBA, Open Source based products and Real-time CORBA options. As a Platform member of the Object Management Group, we ensure our CORBA® products are built for rapid development, deployment and management of enterprise-class distributed applications. Our CORBA solutions are built on proven and open industry standards and in compliance with OMG standards and specifications. Our Premier ORBs are built to allow for easy integration of our CORBA modernization add-ons.

The Micro Focus CORBA portfolio—is the beating heart supporting telecommunications, financial services, military, government, healthcare devices and manufacturing organizations all over the world.

Micro Focus CORBA:

  • Delivers extreme scalability and performance underpinned by industry standards
  • Is deployed by thousands of organizations running billions of transactions
  • Is committed to delivering long term value by allowing you to modernize your CORBA assets
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Family Products

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Premier ORBS

VisiBroker & Orbix provide solutions for developing your CORBA applications in C++ or JAVA. Both product lines deliver CORBA 2.6 compliance with CORBA 3 support and transport security via TLS. Our Premier Orbs provide capabilities and modernization frameworks not available in Open Source equivalents. Learn more about Micro Focus modernization solutions for Cloud, Docker and RESTful CORBA.

VisiBroker delivers enterprise-grade performance with Real-time CORBA features in a cost effective and easy to set up infrastructure. VisiBroker will run both BOA and POA based Orbs. High availability through smart agent functions.

Orbix provides high availability, replication, scalability and flexible deployment along with configuration management integration. Orbix is available in both POA and BOA based Orbs. Orbix is also available for Mainframe environments.

Source Available ORB

Orbacus is a CORBA 2.6 compliant POA based ORB for C++ and Java. Orbacus is a source-available product. Manage product development; optimize product size, features, and the runtime environment. Source Available Orbs feature transport level security along with naming, event, time, property and notification services. Additional capabilities include asynchronous message invocation features and bi-directional IIOP.

Open Source

OpenFusion TAO (C++) and JACOrb for organizations that require open source solutions for their CORBA applications. OpenFusion Orbs are CORBA 2.6 compliant POA only; with moderate performance characteristics.

Real-time (RT) and Embedded

Micro Focus Real-time CORBA implementations are suitable for demanding applications in sectors including defense, aerospace, air traffic management, telecom, data communications, satellites, rail, and financial systems.


Fast, efficient, enterprise level functionality

Enterprise level functionality, not just minimum CORBA

High performance, robust & feature rich Ada ORB