Create and manage requirements more efficiently. Dimensions® RM (formerly Serena® Dimensions RM) increases visibility and collaboration across business and delivery teams. Powerful reporting and tracking provide end-to-end traceability from initial concepts to production delivery.

  • Centralized management. Consolidate management and tracking throughout the software development lifecycle—perfect for both traditional and Agile methodologies.
  • Efficient change management. Increase collaboration for effective change management across tools, teams, and releases.
  • Powerful reporting. Provides comprehensive traceability and metrics to see project status.
  • Increase requirements reuse. Improve efficiency and reduce inconsistencies across complex scenarios and multiple projects.
Tech Specs
OS support


Database support


Microsoft SQL Server

Browser support


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Maintain visibility into project status

Comprehensive role-based dashboards provide insight into the status and progress of requirements throughout the delivery lifecycle, regardless of development methodology.

Maintain visibility into project status
Rapidly coordinate requirements

Coordinate requirement definition and approvals with all stakeholders and efficiently manage change across complex projects, geographically dispersed development teams, and multiple releases. Dimensions RM provides tight integration with delivery tools and issue tracking systems to facilitate synchronization and communication.

Rapidly coordinate requirements
Reuse requirements and manage variants

Dimensions RM supports complex reuse scenarios and simplifies variant management and inheritance. Common requirements are stored in a central repository for ease of access and standardization across projects. Any variant automatically inherits the contents of the master, ensuring clear visibility of dependencies.

Reuse requirements and manage variants
Trace requirements from end to end

Wizard-driven reports make it easy to generate a comprehensive traceability matrix that identifies requirement relationships, changes, and dependencies. Use Dimensions RM to effectively track requirements from concept to deployment.

Trace requirements from end to end
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"We are collaborating with medical practitioners and device manufacturers to visualize, organize, and prioritize the requirements that will define the future of device interoperability. For MDPnP.org the requirements are the product, and Serena [now Micro Focus] has provided the perfect wrapper."
Richard Schrenker   /   Clinical Engineer  MD PnP
Bureau of Printing and Engraving

The world’s largest producer of currency notes used Micro Focus products to improve the way they capture, define, and validate requirements.

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The MD PnP Program

Biomedical engineers teamed up with Micro Focus to create software to streamline information communication.

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