What's New in GroupWise

What’s New in GroupWise 18.1

The following are the new features and enhancements in the GroupWise 18.1 release:

  • Find Updates: Find is now easier to use and pops out from the left of the client.
  • QuickViewer Smart Sizing: QuickViewer now has three different sizes, depending on the content of the email you are viewing. Each size can be customized.
  • Main Window Settings: Navigation Bar actions have been consolidated under one “Settings” button, along with some additional options.
  • File Upload Applet: The applet has been upgraded to HTML5-based functionality.
  • Reset System Folders: System Folders can now be reset to default.
  • Conversation Threading Updates:
    • Autosave of conversation replies
    • Hover over the Edit Recipients button to see message recipient
    • In the Item List, you can right-click the unread number (highlighted in green) and mark those messages unread
    • Addition of a Status Tracking icon at the top of conversation replies
    • Hover over the Status Tracking icon for a status summary, click on the Status Tracking icon to go to the Properties tab for the full status
    • Hover over the Tasklist flag to show a specific item in the conversation
  • Updated Certificate Best Practices: To help you keep your system more secure, we have updated the best practices for the certificates used for GroupWise.
  • Display Document Management: You can now enable/disable Document Management for a Domain, Post Office, or user in the GroupWise Admin Console.
  • GroupWise Mailbox Management: GroupWise Mailbox Management has been integrated into the GroupWise Admin Console, enabling you to manage users’ rules.
  • GroupWise Mobility Enhancements:
    • Draft folders now sync both to and from your mobile devices
    • Proxy calendars can now be synced to mobile devices
    • Post office administration (PO) information is cached for faster logins
  • GroupWise Messenger enhancements: Archiving now uses either the local Messenger Database or Micro Focus Retain for archiving and the Messenger agents now run as 64-bit processes.

GroupWise 18 can be downloaded through the Customer Center for all customers with active maintenance contracts.

What’s New in GroupWise 18

Micro Focus has released a new version of GroupWise®: GroupWise 18, in conjunction with Enterprise Messaging, the evolution of GroupWise.

The following are the new features and enhancements included in GroupWise 18:

  • Integrated Messenger administration in GroupWise administration console
  • Single user provisioning for GroupWise and Messenger that supports Active Directory
  • Integration with Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway 7 (formerly known as GWAVA)
  • Deeper Micro Focus Filr integration, with support for sending Filr attachments as Filr Public Links—further reducing the size of the GroupWise message store
  • New Feature: Social threading. Replies to email roll up underneath the parent message with notification badges—reducing email clutter in your in-box

GroupWise 18 is also an integral component of the new Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging product that is also available. Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging contains:

  • GroupWise 18
  • GroupWise TeamWorks 18
  • Micro Focus Retain
  • Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway
  • GroupWise Disaster Recovery
  • GroupWise Forensics
  • GroupWise Mailbox Management

Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging is a complete collaboration solution that provides your organization with email, scheduling, instant messaging, chat-based teamwork, security, archiving, backup, and disaster recovery. Enterprise Messaging enables your employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device while maintaining security and meeting compliance.

GroupWise 18 can be downloaded through the Customer Center for all customers with active maintenance contracts.

What’s New in GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2

Micro Focus has released a new version of GroupWise: GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 in conjunction with GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 SP2.

The following are the new features and enhancement of these releases:

  • Micro Focus Filr integrations to reduce the amount of storage needed for email servers, allowing users to store email attachments in Filr, rather than sending them through the GroupWise message store
  • DE Mail supported for German governmental customers
  • GroupWise client and engine support rules on mobile devices, allowing one to set separate messages for external vacation rules replies, as well as limit the external replies to just users listed in the address book
  • The ability to modify Vacation Rules through web access
  • GroupWise Mobility Service: Integrations with GWAVA products
  • GroupWise Mobility Service: ActiveSync 16.0 support

GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 can be downloaded through the Customer Center for all customers with active maintenance contracts.

What's New in GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1

Building on the great base of GroupWise 2014 R2, Service Pack 1 has key new features and enhancements that are sure to please.

  • Save email as PDF: Now you can save email as PDFs directly out of GroupWise, one of the top requests out of the GroupWise Ideas Forum
  • Changing ownership of shared folders: When the owner of a shared folder changes roles or leaves, admins or team members can now change the owner
  • Set “time due” when creating a task: Timing matters, and if a task needs to be done by a certain time on a certain day—you can now all that when you create the task
  • Enhanced support for Active Directory Single Sign On: Now you can support single sign-on (SSO) to Active Directory (AD), even when the Post Office Agent is running on Linux
  • Micro Focus branding: Micro Focus believes in GroupWise and wants you to know it. It’s more than just a name and logo change—it’s a commitment to the future of GroupWise

This is in addition to general quality and security improvements typical of a service pack release.