Unified work center

Use Solutions Business Manager's (SBM) centralized workspace to view and track your own work items as well as collaborate with team members. Uniquely, SBM aggregates application views to optimize enterprise-wide reporting and insight.

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Kanban view

Visualize and monitor the flow of work items in a team environment to simplify team communication. Customize columns, establish work-in-progress limits, and drag and drop tasks as they progress through the workflow. Kanban view accommodates external feeds, providing a unified view of all work items regardless of source.

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Backlog views

Quickly define, prioritize, and decompose project work from one or more feeds into configurable backlogs. Team members can focus on the highest-priority work for more productivity and efficiency.

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Report center

In this catalog of all reports, you can refine your search to quickly locate information and mark certain files as favorites if desired, and then schedule or run them in Real-time. Select from different report types—including heat maps and donut charts—and optimize ways to visualize your data.

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Smart search

Initiate a global search across all applications, delivering multifaceted results for easy and dynamic filtering.

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Incorporate feeds from different calendars to get a unified view into all the scheduling events across projects.

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Real-time notifications

Save time and increase user satisfaction by getting notified of key actions and items. You can be notified via email or SMS without ever having to leave the system.

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SBM mobile client

Enjoy mobile access to SBM from Android or iOS smartphones and enable any process app for mobile. Designers can choose which apps are available for mobile, as well as which fields and actions are displayed.

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Rapidly create process-based applications

Using SBM Composer, quickly map out work management processes, use swim lanes to organize activities performed by different roles, and define device-responsive forms supporting steps in the process. With strong integration options and rich decision capabilities, you can rapidly deliver customer-facing process applications.

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Process orchestration from start to finish

Rapidly create process-based applications for human and system work management. You can adapt these apps to your company's or department's specific processes, and their ease of use encourages user and stakeholder adoption. Universal use of your process app helps ensure compliance and governance, while built-in reporting and auditing makes compliance problems visible right away.

Ultra-agile development and deployment capabilities

Visually compose app processes through drag-and-drop layout of workflow, forms, and orchestrations in SBM Composer. Automate the versioning, promotion, deployment responsiveness, and delivery speed. With minimal admin and development staffing, you can fast-track the definition and implementation of process apps for IT Development and Operations.

Smooth sailing for process stakeholders

Solutions Business Manager supports deep process orchestration, and the work center allows stakeholders to engage via feeds and social views. Calendars and backlog feeds provide well-rounded views into work items and work queues. Rich reporting and auditing deliver process visibility, including insight into bottlenecks.

Extensible workflow processes and versatile workspace

SBM's unique Kanban view enables you to customize your workflow to fit the size of your business. More flexibility is offered through the unified work center, which offers versatile collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Business constantly demands new services, and the versatility, flexibility, and extensibility of the SBM platform ensures rapid creation and delivery of new services.

Solutions Business Manager 11.5
ChatOps Integration
ChatOps Integration

Through an integration between SBM and a Micro Focus ChatOps communication server, users can collaborate and update work items from within a chat session, and the conversation can be saved to the work item for auditing purposes.

Work Center Search Improvements
Work Center Search Improvements

Work Center now supports searching for work items using a regular expression. In addition, Advanced Search is now available in Work Center from the search page.

Administrator Changes View
Administrator Changes View

Changes made by administrators can now be easily viewed from the Administrator Portal in the Administrator Changes view. These include changes to most administrative functions, as well as privilege and membership changes.

Solutions Business Manager Community
SBM custom process apps
SBM custom process apps

Over 1,600 organizations have deployed applications using SBM. They built custom workflows to solve business and IT challenges, and some of them have shared these process templates with the Micro Focus community.

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Connect with our community
Connect with our community

Meet up with other Solutions Business Manager users at Serena Central, a Micro Focus online community. Build, learn, and connect with other customers and prospects who want to get the most out of their tools.

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Why choose Solutions Business Manager?

Manual vs. automated

Stop tackling your business processes manually—automation is easier than you think. Learn why and how to automate your workflows using Solutions Business Manager.

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See Solutions Business Manager in action

Take a video tour of the SBM report center; then watch a series of short demos to learn how to customize SBM reports, views, backlogs, and forms.

"With the [Micro Focus] solution, we are able to automate what we are actually doing. We don't define our processes by the tools we use, but by the way we want to do business."
Tyson Faircloth   /   Program Manager  CACI