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Kingman Regional Medical Center optimizes patient care through automation of its processes.

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  • Reduced time spent on paper based processes and manual approvals
  • Increased visibility and transparency providing insight and assurance
  • Eliminated resource waste and refocus on patient care


From modest beginnings in 1983, Kingman Regional Medical Center has grown to become an example of the great things that can happen when a hospital is owned and operated by the community it serves.

KRMC’s 235-bed non-profit medical center has grown into a facility capable of providing highly technical and specialized care not normally available to residents living in a rural setting.

KRMC focuses on the work environment and embraces the concept of continuous improvement, and as a result has also become a leader in patient satisfaction.


IT recognized Kingman Medical Center staff were spending too much time on a very tedious paper-based process, often requiring signatures hospital wide dependent upon the financial data. The CER, Capital Expenditure Process, is one of many IT processes that consumed the time of staff and practitioners who would otherwise be more focused on patient care. Moreover, with the number of CERs, a black-hole syndrome was experienced in that it was often unclear where the CER was, what approvals or signatures were completed or were still required, and what forms should be used based upon the level of authority or financial requirement. With the lack of visibility and accessibility, the hospital administration was running in the dark, relying on human and paper-based forms to track progress, and with no access to real-time reporting or metrics that indicated status or automated hand-offs and approvals.

Andrea Williams, a Business Analyst at Kingman Regional Medical Center was assigned the task of defining and delivering an automated CER process that would streamline the creation, approval and closure of CERs across the hospital facility. By her own admission, Andrea was a novice at Micro Focus Business Manager but was quickly able to install and use it. Discovering a number of prebuilt workflows, and studying how they were defined and implemented, Andrea quickly felt empowered to set about defining and automating the CER process. As a business analyst she met with the business owners to collect their requirements and needs and even invited them to include their wish list. With a basic understanding of the current process, paper forms and roles, Andrea mocked up a Visio diagram and iterated with the business owners to validate and optimize the CER process.


Opening up Solutions Business Manager Composer, Andrea set about creating the CER process application leveraging her experience gained from the pre-built applications, which provides an ability to leverage and customize an existing process application or build a new process application. Using the Visio and notes compiled from meeting and validating the proposed CER process with the Business owners, Andrea quickly and efficiently set about defining the data fields, security roles, and visually creating the forms. Creating the states and transitions of the workflow was simple, and adding the necessary business rules, just as easy. Once defined, Andrea deployed the process application into a test environment, and demonstrated to the business owners to secure their feedback and approval. With a few modifications, Andrea was able to deploy the CER process application to Production and make it available to the business.

In order to facilitate adoption and usage, Andrea created some basic knowledge base articles that aligned with the CER process application but in her own words, there was really no need for any training as the users were quickly able to use it. In doing so, they were spared the tedious and error-prone paper-based forms, and Kingman Medical Center now had visibility, and reporting and insight into the status of progress providing a quick win for both parties- -with users able to devote more time to patient care, and administrators able to streamline and automate the CER process while ensuring complete visibility and governance.


With the success of the CER process, Andrea is now working on 4 additional workflows and absolutely loving it, enabling her to provide impactful process-based solutions to the hospital and directly increasing the focus on patient care. Creating new process applications or adjusting existing process applications is a breeze and both Andrea and Kingman Regional Medical Center now have a platform on which they can automate IT and business processes quickly and easily.

Micro Focus has made Andrea’s work life significantly better, greatly improving her ability to handle customer requests and re- focus resources on patient care.